Weather Warden 1: Ill Wind

Weather Warden 1 Ill Wind

The Weather Warden series by bestselling author, Rachel Caine, is a highly intelligent, rapturous urban fantasy series based in the world of the Wardens, who are a small faction of humans with powers to manipulate weather, fire or Earth. The Wardens are the ones who keep the rest of the unknowing, ordinary human population from being devastated by the various disasters cooked up by Mother Earth as she twists and turns in her sleep.

Ill Wind, the first book in this series, deals with the life of Weather Warden, Joanne Baldwin, who is on the run since she has been wrongly accused of murder. Aware of the fact that her fellow Wardens will not believe her defense, Joanne must reach the most powerful Warden in history, Lewis Levander Orwell, before she is captured by the Earth Wardens and her magic is lobotomized, leaving her either an ordinary human or a drooling mess confined to a psyche ward.

Racing across the country in her Mustang, fighting off invisible attacks on her life, warding off manipulated lightning bolts and freak storms, the girl has to strive through them all. Aided by the mysterious hitchhiker, David, Joanne has no choice but to survive at all costs unless she wishes the demon mark forcibly placed on her to escape into the aetheric and destroy the world.

Finding love and ultimate betrayal, Ill Wind is one hell of a windstorm with extra destruction in it to make it an ultimate edge of the seat read.

Although the book has some minor glitches along the way, they are all overshadowed by the immense imagination of the author.

The storyline is utterly unpredictable, dangerously intriguing and vastly satisfying in the end. The detailed descriptions of freak weather conditions make it intelligent and incredible to read. One read and you will never look at the world around you with the same eyes again.

The characters are well etched out and engrossing. The protagonist, Joanne Baldwin, is especially fun to befriend and know. All other main characters have clearly hedged out their own spaces and personalities. And the villains are so ruthless that by the end of the book you will feel like going into the story and throttling them yourself.

An added plus to all the incredible and fast-paced action in the novel is the romance quotient. Not stretched out to boredom nor restricted to unsatisfaction, the chemistry between the leads is passionate, tangible and perfectly timed.

Highly recommended and guaranteed to satisfy the imagination, Ill Wind rates four out of five stars in my view. All in all, it is a must read for any paranormal fiction enthusiast, who isn’t shy of being hurled into a whirlwind of chaos and heart-pumping action.