Book Review – Vampire Babylon: A Drop of Red

Vampire Babylon A Drop of Red

Anyone who never read Vampire Babylon, written by Chris Marie Green, but picked up the fourth book as I did will be amazed at the sudden mystery that flows just from the first few pages. There is a nervous fear, the kind of fear that you have when you are walking home in the dark and you think someone or something is chasing you.

It begins with a death caused by potential candidates for the Underground- a hidden colony of dangerous and skillful vampires- whose deceit carry far and wide. Their society is unknown except for two groups. The first being the potential candidates, a group of female teenagers who have turned vampire due to family problems. These girls, Violet, Della, Blanch, and a few others, all wish to be part of the Underground and will do anything to get that honor. Hidden under the guise as normal humans while attending the Queenshill School, they frequently visit the head vampire who turned them and receive his instructions as well as his punishment for any misbehavior.

On the other side is Dawn Madison, a former Hollywood stuntwoman whose life has been changed dramatically from the rise of vampires. Thrust into a world of fighting, Dawn has a team of agile vampire fighters ready to stand by her side, including her father and Costin, both vampires in their own accord.

With two psychics to mentally feel the path of the vampires, and to hear the cries of the dead, along with Friends, Dawn races to find the Vampire Underground and expose it. And by exposing can she hope to annihilate the source, set Costin free from his host body, and hopefully get on with her life.

Written with suspense and mystery, detailed gruesome and stunning scenes, this novel is a must read for anyone who wants a different vampire story apart from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. Chris Marie Green’s Vampire Babylon: A Drop of Red is not for the faint of heart. This is not your typical romance book, but rather a book that is written with nearly the same fiery passion as Stephen King.

Get ready for some thrills and excitement shrouded behind mystery, action, and suspense with this book. When you have read one book from Chris Marie Green’s Babylon series, you will want to read all of them. Even more, you will want to buy them and demand there be movies to follow.