Book Review: The Lion’s Game

The Lion's Game

In ex- NYPD cop and a terrorist Task Force contract agent John Corey, De Mille has created a character that is a replica of what a real NYPD cop should be- brass but effective, wise- cracking but intelligent and street- smart but knows how to navigate his way in and out of the system. He may be obnoxious to others but is loyal to his job and peers.
Asad Kahlil aka The Lion is on a mission; to kill the men responsible for his family’s death, in this case, the pilots and navigators of the F-111s that raided Al ‘Aziziyah in Libya in retaliation for Libyan involvement in various attacks against American interests in Europe.

The moment the commercial Boeing 747 with an ‘unusual flight’ from Paris landed at the JFK Airport, the game was on and the players were put into motion.

Nelson DeMille plotted this novel with attention to some historical events and data incorporated in the course of the story. The dialogues are laden with cop- jargon and street lingo but are also serious and humorous in substance.

In a novel of this proportion, some miscues and inaccuracies are inevitable but the misses are few and forgivable. And the author more than redeemed himself with crisp pacing and superb story- telling.