Book Review: The Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy)

The Last Sacrifice

Author Richelle Mead is known for telling a tale of intrigue, but in her final installation for the Vampire Academy series – a novel aptly titled The Last Sacrifice, she takes the reader to the edge of her seat and holds her there till the final page.
We begin the novel with our beloved, albeit sarcastic Guardian and dhampir Rose Hathaway as she sits in her jail cell. Remember, she is being held for murdering Queen Tatiana with a one-sided trial set for just weeks away. In the first few chapters, Mead gets her audience reacquainted with Rose and Lissa and all of the vampire court – in true Rose-style with an explosive prison outbreak and chance at freedom with her former lover.

Following Rose’s prison break, she fights on the outside (human world) to find Lissa’s illegitimate sibling while Lissa does her own fighting on the inside (Moroi court) to find the queen’s killer, stall for time, and possibly earn her council seat in order to get Rose back to their world.

This book is a study in contrast. As always, Rose and Lissa stand as complete opposites – Rose is explosive, easy to anger, constantly in debate, petite and fierce. Lissa is tall and lithe and coddled, a view of quiet and studious and articulate, royalty at its utmost. Further, there are the two men in Rose’s life – one is a Moroi of charm and poise and the audacity of being royal (but he makes her laugh) and the other a dhampir bad boy guardian who seems to be Rose’s other half. Readers also see the Moroi Court in stark contrast to the human world.

The Last Sacrifice is a wonderful finale to the Vampire Academy series. I am happy to see that Mead has finished the series with a bang, has kept the characters true to their form from the first page of book one to this final read. Readers of her other novels will not be disappointed by this fantastic conclusion and I, for one, am looking forward to her next series, a spinoff with a cameo from Rose herself!